Australian Dance Enterprises

Australian Dance Enterprises Dance Make-up Instructions PDF Print E-mail

1.    Cleanse face and moisturise

2.    Apply base / foundation
This should be approximately one shade darker than your natural skin colour for stage so you don’t look washed out.
Blend right into hairline and down into the neck so you don’t get a line where the base ends.
Base can be liquid or a stick (stick gives more even coverage as it is thicker to apply).
Creative students can use just a tinted moisturiser instead of a heavy foundation.

3.    Apply powder (Older students only)
This can be compact powder or powder.
The colour should be approximately the same as your skin colour.

4.    Apply Rouge
Apply a light brushing of rouge in the hollow part of the cheek in a light-medium brown colour to emphasise the hollowed part of the cheek, and lightly under the jaw line.
(Dark shading gives an effect of depth, light shading ‘brings forward’ an area)
Apply a light brushing of rouge on the apple (round part) of the cheek in a pink or red colour. You can also brush a tiny amount of rouge along the hairline.
Creative students should only use one colour ( a pink or red) that is brushed up the jaw line from the front of the cheek bone (near the nose)  to the hairline.

5.    Eyes – Eye Shadow
Use three colours (eg: Dark blue, light blue, beige/light pink).
Draw a line of the darkest colour in the crease of the eyelid and then from the outside corner of the eye up to meet the first line that was in the crease of the lid.
Blend the lightest colour above the dark colour.
Blend the middle colour below the dark line so it gives light shading over the eye ball area.

6.    Eyes – Eye Liner (older students only)
Eye liner can be liquid or soft pencil (though pencil is easier to use until you have lots of practice)
Draw a bottom line just under the lower eyelashes (think of making an almond shape with the line). The inner corner of the line may be angled down slightly.
Draw a top line as close to the upper lashes as possible. Angle the outer part of the line up so you get the line of the eyes going up (you don’t want puppy dog eyes).

7.    Mascara
Wriggle the mascara brush in close to where the lashes come out from the skin, and then lengthen the lashes on an outwards angle as you take the mascara along the lashes (once again think almond shaped eyes).

8.    False Lashes (older students only)
Place a tiny part of glue on the TOP of the lashes.
Glue on to the eye and angle the outside section of the lashes upwards (almond eyes again!)

9.    Lip Liner
Draw a line around the outside edge of your lips in a dark red colour.

10.    Lipstick
Colour inside the lip liner lines with a reddish lipstick. If you use a brush to apply the lipstick with it will stay on for longer.