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*      We are hopeful that students will be present every week.

*      If a student must miss a class due to illness, or misadventure, or family commitments, we ask them to inform their teacher, the support staff of the studio, or Colette.  This information can be provided in person, by phone, or by email prior to class.

*      The start of a class will not be delayed waiting for students who are late. If a student is late, they need to be responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently warmed up to join the class. The reasoning behind this is that if a student is not warmed up sufficiently before joining the class it may lead to injury.


*      It is important that dance clothing reveal the body line and allow the dancer freedom of movement.

*      The Australian Dance Enterprises prospectus contains information about the correct uniform for the various dance styles and the wearing of this uniform is strongly encouraged.


*      It is strongly recommended that all parents/guardians and students read all handouts, newsletters and notices.

*      Any changes to personal details of a student should be immediately forwarded to the school, so records can be kept up to date.

*      Please place student’s names on all belongings.


*      Dancers are encouraged to improve their own performance and self evaluate themselves as opposed to comparing themselves to others.

*      Each dancer’s individuality and self expression is to be promoted and fostered through dance and in dance class. 

*      Dancers should work as a team and respect other students in their class, in the dance school and in other dancer schools.

*      Dancer should be considerate of other dancers by avoiding talking unnecessarily.

*      Dances should present themselves and the dance school as a respectful, supportive and friendly studio.

*      Dancers should come to the lesson prepared to concentrate fully on the lesson.


*      A student involved in a performance may be required to purchase costumes and/or hire costumes.

*      There will be an Recital costume fee.  The amount of the costume fee will be advised in term 3.

*      The costume fee is non-refundable.

*      If a student fails to pay the required costume fee, unfortunately that student will not be issued with a costume.

*      If any part of a costume is damaged or lost the student or parent/guardian of that student is responsible for the replacement the missing pieces and payment to have damages repaired.


*      It is not compulsory for a student to be involved in any performance; however performance is encouraged and has proven to be a source of great fun, enjoyment and encouragement to our dancers.

*      There are several opportunities for the dancer to perform throughout the year. These include: public performances at local venues to promote the dance school, Eisteddfod/s in Armidale and in the New England Area and the end of year Recital.

*      Please notify the support staff if a student will not be participating in a performance.

*      Each student involved in any performance is required to attend all practices, all dress rehearsals and all performances.

*      For safety reasons parents/guardians are to sign students in and out of the end of year recital, this can be a lengthy process, so please expect some delays.

*      Tickets will be available for purchase on designated Ticket Sale Days. Dates and prices for tickets will be given closer to the recital date.


*      Only students and teachers are permitted in the dance studio space (except as provided below).

*      Parents/Guardians dropping off and collecting children should wait in or near the waiting room/foyer.

*      Parents and friends are welcome to watch the final class of each term. Siblings are also welcome, but must remain seated and are not to join in with the class for safety reasons.


*      Term fees are due and payable by the third week of each term; any payments made later will be at the full sessional rate and could incur a late fee.

*      Sessional payments are accepted.

*      Families with two or more students at the school may receive a discount off term fees. Please see the support staff to enquire about this discount.

*      If you have any difficulties meeting the fee criteria, please do not hesitate to contact the support staff or Colette so an alternative payment method can be arranged.

*      Payments can be made by cash, and cheque only. Cheques should be made payable to Australian Dance Enterprises.

*      Payments can be made in class time, by placing correct money into a sealed envelope with student’s full name and date of class, class attended and the amount contained in the envelope.

*      Trial Lesson -At the start of a new term we offer one free trial lesson to new families starting with ADE. This trial lesson is offered once and allows the child to trial one class only.

*      No liability will be taken for loss or damage of property, whilst at Australian Dance Enterprises Studio.


*      Photography or filming is prohibited at the Recital where predominantly group dances are presented due to regulations and for the student’s privacy and protection.

*      Professional photographs of the Recital will be available to purchase at a price to be advised.

*      DVD’s of the Recital will be available for purchase at a price to be advised closer to the Recital.

*      All photo’s and video’s taken by ADE are used for promotional use and parents/guardians are required to indicate on the enrolment form if you do not want your child/children photographed or filmed.


*      Dance classes will not be held on public holidays.


*      It is the students and parents responsibility to notify the class teacher in the event of an injury incurred prior to, during or after a class.

*      It is the student's responsibility to ensure they follow safe dance practice instruction as provided by their dance teacher at all times to avoid injury.

*      Students must wear appropriate dance attire to avoid injury and follow safe dance practice (please refer to the prospectus and the section above on “Clothing” for more information about clothing).

*      Students are encouraged to bring their own drink of water in a bottle for each class.

*      A First Aid Kit is available provided that the parent/guardian has provided consent.

*      Panadol or any other form or medication can NOT be given to any student at any time.

*      NO foods containing nut products are permitted. If packing food for the children we ask parents/guardians to strictly adhere to this policy.

*      Students waiting to be collected must wait inside the rooms of the Studio.