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Occupational Health and Safety in the provision of dance teaching services focuses on providing a safe dance environment, providing effective and safe lesson planning and teaching methods, and ensuring all services are provided safely, with the main concern being the safety of the stakeholders of the studio.

OH&S Officers

The Occupational Health and Safety Officers of Australian Dance Enterprises are the following persons:

o   Colette Brazier – Principle Australian Dance Enterprises; and

o   Jenny McFadyen – Secretary – Australian Dance Enterprises

Governing Bodies and Aid Guides for OH&S

Australian Dance Enterprises ensures regular self-evaluations of safety in the studio and safety in the provision of our services.  To self evaluate Australian Dance Enterprises refers to and completes selected safety checklist/s applicable to small business published by Workcover.  Refer to Workcover Publication – “Small Business Safety Checklist – Checking Out Your Workplace”.

Safety in the Dance Environment

Australian Dance Enterprise venues are hired halls in Armidale and Guyra run by Church organisations.  Australian Dance Enterprises operates within and refers to the OH&S policy framework as may be prescribed by each of the Church organisations and relies upon those Church organisations to ensure that the venue they provide is OH&S complaint.

In the event of an OH&S issue arising which is related to the venue itself Australian Dance Enterprises notifies the relevant Church organisation and requests rectification.

Australian Dance Enterprises ensures that the halls hired are safe dance venues and include:

o  Appropriate size rooms relative to the class size;

o  Toilet facilities;

o  Unobstructed space in dance studios;

o  Appropriate ventilation heating and cooling/lighting in venue;

o  Appropriate music/sound system;

o  Appropriate floor surface;

o  Suitable areas for waiting rooms/reception.


Australian Dance Enterprise asks that students waiting to be collected must wait inside the rooms of the Studio to maximise their safety through supervision.

Effective and Safe Teaching

Australian Dance Enterprises ensures the provision of effective and safe teaching methods by implementing learning programs that are specifically designed relative to the type of dance style, student age, student skill level and individual student needs.  Some of the methods embraced by Australian Dance Enterprises to ensure effective and safe teaching methods are:

o  Considering safe dance issues.

o  Encouraging students to wear appropriate dance attire in order to assist them to avoid injury.

o  Delivering content to the students to explain what to do and what not to do and to demonstrate correct technique.

o  Advising students of precautions that should be taken during movement and/or safety measures that can be taken to avoid injury.

o  Australian Dance Enterprises asks students to ensure they follow safe dance practice instruction by their dance teacher at all times to avoid injury.

o  Analysing student’s movements to rectify and rework improper alignment or incorrect execution of movement.

o  Providing students with options to maximise their safety including offering movement at varying levels of intensity and advancement.

o  Ensure that the number of students per class is appropriate relative to the teaching and support staff.

o  Providing structured lessons that are consistent and clear to follow.

o  Movement is balanced and performed equally on both sides for added safety.

o  Obtaining and encouraging students or parents/guardians to speak to their teacher about any concerns of the dancer.

o  Teachers should actively encourage students or parents/guardians to notify the class teacher in the event of an injury incurred prior to, during or after class.

o  Emphasis that students take responsibility for their own participation and students are warned about pushing themselves and their bodies beyond safe limits.

Injury Prevention

Australian Dance Enterprises addresses injuring prevention strategies in dance by:

o   Providing a period of warm-up and cool down within each lesson

o   clearly informing students of common injuries

o   incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises in lessons

o   preparing students adequately for dance movements

o   advising students on movements/ practices which are potentially dangerous

o   ensuring that teaching/rehearsal is structured to avoid excessive repetition and over-use of specific parts of the body

o   ensure that students are appropriately dressed for dance class


Current injury recovery and rehabilitation procedures must be implemented when necessary. The teacher must;

o  advise injured students to seek appropriate expert assistance

o  advise against potentially harmful movement

o  utilise safe stretching methods of stretching

o  encourage students to share with the teacher results of any professional diagnosis

o  where applicable, coordinate movements/exercises with specialist advice

Safety Precautions

o   A First Aid Kit is available to any student (with consent from their Parent/Guardian).

o   Panadol or any other form or medication can NOT be given to any student at any time.

o   NO foods containing nut products are permitted. If packing food for the children Australian Dance Enterprisers asks parents to strictly adhere to this policy.

Safety in the Dancer’s Daily Life

Australian Dance Enterprises encourages all of its students to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and physical and emotional health for dance students through advice or reference to experts. These experts might include;

o  medical practitioners (see annexure A for medical practitioners etc. local to the Armidale area)

o  counsellors (see annexure B for counsellors etc. local to the Armidale area)

o  rehabilitation therapists

o  dieticians and nutritionists