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Is a great style of dance for our pre-schoolers. This class caters for children aged from 3 years to 6 years old. Students experience dance for the first time in a fun and non threatening environment. The music used in these classes is age appropriate and includes but is not limited to; Hi 5, The Wiggles, Walt Disney as well expressive music for free dance.


Is one of the most popular styles of dance, and we cater for children aged 6 years old through to Adults. They are great classes for recreational dancers who want to attend class once a week. In these classes students will also experience some Hip Hop, Lyrical Jazz and Modern Dance.


Is available for the more serious and experienced dancers. It is recommended that these students attend more than one class per week. In these classes students will also get to experience Hip Hop, Lyrical Jazz and Modern Dance.


These students must attend more than one class per week. Syllabus work is from Australian Dance Vision (ADV) and is known as ADAP (Australian Dance Assessment Program).


This is another very popular dance style catering for students aged between 5 years old through to Adults. Students at Australian Dance Enterprises are currently learning from the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus which is a fun and refreshing way to learn tap. Recital tap routines are always fun, experimenting with modern day music as well as popular Broadway music.


Is a slow expressive style of dance incorporating both jazz and ballet movements with an emphasis on technique. ballad music is often used in this dance style


Contemporary dance is characterised by its versatility: Contemporary can be danced to almost any style of music. It can be combined with other dance forms to create new styles of movement. Contemporary attempts to work with the natural alignment of the student’s body, and is therefore safe and accessible for beginners. At the same time, the ease of movement promoted by contemporary dance techniques allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement.


Is the new way to move!!!  Learn Hip Hop moves while improving co-ordination, stamina, strength and fitness.  This class will suit dancers who wish to learn how to freestyle, a skill that is used for Hip Hop videos and Hop Hop stage shows. It is funky and free constantly evolving and is used by artists such as Usher and Rihanna.


Is the foundation for all dance styles? Ballet improves technique, posture, flexibility, stamina and discipline.


Australian Dance Enterprises ballet classes follow the ADV (Australian Dance Vision) syllabus known as ADAP (Australian Dance Assessment Program). Students must attend more than one class per week to do Exam work.


Australian Dance Enterprises offers a fun boy’s class that is open to all ages. It is a fun class for boys that want to learn some fun funky Hip Hop dance moves in a non threatening environment. Our boys always get a lot of attention when performing in our annual recital and at eisteddfods.


These classes are for our more serious dancers who want to be challenged and like to perform in eisteddfods. These students are exposed to a number of different dance styles; Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. We offer a Junior Performance Class and a Senior Performance Class. These students must attend more than one class per week and are encourage to attend a ballet class as well