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Enrolments at Australian Dance Enterprises

Enrolments can be done in two ways, either by direct debit or by face-to-face payments at the front desk. 

Direct Debit: If you choose to pay by direct debit (this is only available for upfront term payments) a printout of the receipt from your bank (as proof of payment) must be presented to the front desk or emailed to Colette by no later than week 3. Any term fees not paid by week 3 will incur a $10 late fee.

Face-to-Face payments: This method is for those who choose to pay weekly or for a full term and this money should be given to the Secretary's. Any term fees not paid by week 3 will incur a $10 late fee.

Any fees that are outstanding at the end of the term will incur a $5 late fee per week until the fees have been finalised. This could also jeopardise your child’s attendance to their chosen classes.

Should you need to make alternative arrangements you should contact Colette directly either by phone or email.  


2014 Enrolment Form


This form is semi-automated. 

You can complete it on your computer or by hand.If you chose to complete it on your computer you type in all the information required and to check the boxes all you need to do is click on the box and a 'x' will appear in that box.  Once you have completed the form print it off and sign it.  To complete it by hand simply, print off the form and complete all the relevant section.  All forms must be returned to the Secretary's at the front desk.

Click here to find the enrolment form